The Haiku Film Project

The Haiku FIlm Project was created by JAS in September of 2010. It is a mixing of two elements; film and haiku. Two sets of rules related to the haiku films allow for two different versions of the same project.


Special thanks to Jimmy Cohen for the submission! :)

Storm Haiku

Here’s a haiku film centered around minimalism. Haiku films is a minimalist art already, but mixing it with the idea of minimalism could lead to the most minimalist Haiku Film Yet!

I don’t feel I said minimalist enough in this most…


This was shot on the shoreline of The Gasworks overlooking Seattle.

Anonymous asked: Did you got this idea from Rotten Tomatoes Show on Current TV? Rotten Tomatoes started Movie Review Haiku's in late 2009...

Nah, I’ve always loved haiku and film, so I thought, “Why not merge the two and see what I and other people can make. You should submit one!”

Also, sorry for the delay if there was one. I didn’t see it.

Plus, I also write most of the “Hotties in Haiku” for Bitter Balcony. :)

Leaves - Haiku Film

This version shot on an iPhone. Another version, for fun and comparison, shot on a Canon will be uploaded later.

Haiku Film: Waves.

Not totally thrilled with this one, but I’ll call it a work in progress for the time being.

Haiku Film of our road trip. This is what happens when I’m the navigator and we hit a long stretch of road.

Shot and edited on an iPad.


(Source: http)

This was the first haiku film shot and edited with an iPad. Probably not the best one and might break the rules by .2 seconds, but it was done to test the capabilities of the new device. :)

If you have trouble posting your haiku film into our submit section let us know by submitting a bug here.


A haiku about the almighty kiss using the alternate rules.

Notes, “I have to say, I was skeptical about the alternate rules for the Film Haiku Project when I wrote them and this test proves that I may have been right.

I think if I shoot something myself that is more coherent it might not be so meh.

I’ll probably do one more version and see, but I’m a much bigger fan of the original set of rules.”

Here’s a little twist using HAL to speak the haiku for us. :)

There is some odd twitching in the footage I couldn’t fix, but what the hell.